Sunday, November 18

Frangapani Flavors

Just picked up all the beautiful Frangapani flowers that drop from the trees each day near my place and they make an amazing float in the water in my Traditional "Urali" - the brass bowl. The fragrance from it....Wow its Heaven. A couple of them in a bowl of water in any corner of your home is just the ideal feature.

This is an interesting one, I just picked one of my incense holders, this one is a Sandstone piece, i just placed a few of these lovely flowers and this can be kept anywhere...just find a place at home.

Candles with flowers this is my all time favorite combination, A lovely Sandstone Standing Apsara Candle Stand with Frangapani's.

Friday, November 9


My Diwali Thali - A lovely embroided Plate with Handmade Clay Ganesha's painted by me and Brass Diyas with orchids
I have placed this at the Main Hall as its the Festive Feel.

Another one of my Diwali Diyas come to light this Festival. Flowers ofcourse are beauty in all forms.

Sunday, November 4


Another one of those nice ways to decorate for Diwali. Earthen Lamps,Incense Holders and bells all made of Clay. Brightness from Candle lights, flower scents all add to the festive mood.

Traditional Kumkum & Turmeric given to Women during Goddess Lakshmi Pooja. Is considered auspicious and prosperous. Good wishes & Sweets are also exchanged.
What more could be beautiful then fresh Rose Petals floating in water and candles. They can just be placed at the entrance or any corners of your home. Its beautiful just anywhere.


Saturday, November 3

Diwali in Singapore

Its time for Diwali Celebration here in Singapore at a place called Little India.
We have the entire roads lit with lights. People are busy shopping as Diwali
is around the corner. From New Clothes to Diyas for home there is a Mela
going around in this place. A few shots from my last visit to Little India,Singapore.

Diwali Dhamaka @ Home

Its Festive time in all our Homes again, for us its definitely special...
Finally the festive moods are on, the Markets are full you'll see diyas & candles, Sweets &
lights, all that is so beautiful and worth to be admired...oops not to forget clothes, Saree's & Its an Auspicious time for Goddess Lakshmi - Poojas are done , Sweets and Dry Fruits are distributed to all near n dear.

For all those Working ladies this is the best weekend, I'm sure most of you are getting set for the occasion.
You could get a glimpse of the festive mood at my place. Cleaning has already started its way in,all my idols being polished, Flowers, candles, homemade Indian Mouthwatering Sweets, Diyas will be the talk of the week at my place.

A good way to get into the mood is by lighting Earthen Lamps (the traditional way) outside our home...Candles could also serve the purpose. They definitely created the required atmosphere.
This Diwali we wish you all Happiness n Prosperity....
Check out for more as I would be sharing all my ideas for this Diwali
Once again its time for all to celebrate this festival of lights in the best of its form.

Another one of my Diwali decorative Ideas with lovely brass and Earthen Lamps (Diyas).
I just adore the light emitted from Traditional lamps.
They could be lit just anywhere n just anytime. Its Diwali and Its Lights, brightness and
beauty everywhere.