Tuesday, October 30

For all those who love Ganesha...here's another one of my Ganesha
in one of the best forms....We just like to light diyas ( Earthen
Lamps) for no particular occasion. They just add to the essence of
the room.

This handmade Photo album is an amazing piece of collection.
There are lot many which come in different fabrics,colors,designs.

Monday, October 29

Another excellent feature of Balinese Handicrafts are Mirror Frames.
are so beautifully handcrafted many of them depict animals,
nature,flowers,simply wood and Mosaic Glass Mirror frames.
The below piece is a collection from www.santibaliart.com

This Lovely Balinese style of Traditional carved Wooden Chest Drawers is a fantastic
piece of art. They come in various forms. Check out for more at http://www.balibocraft.com/crafts/primitive-furniture.html

Today I would tour you around the amazing handicrafts made in Bali.

Bali is known as a treasure house of interesting goods to buy.

Sunday, October 21

Happy Dasara.
Durga Pooja at my place today.
Auspicious Kumkum(red) & Haldi(Yellow)powders
Earthen Lamps lit and flowers are holy during the festivals

The warm light from the candle inside the Chaba Spa Sandstone is just stunning. I picked this from Thailand and it can be used just anywhere. I sometimes just place it at the entrance of my home to give that warm soothing feel.
Scented Candles & flowers they are a combination for any occasion or just any day.
The shimmering glow from the candle lights and the fresh sweet smell from flowers could just create the atmosphere......truely it would

Another one of those floating flowers on the Traditional Indian Uruli makes the stunning
entrance in my home.

Flowers aren't they beautiful...I love to float flowers in water...
I just like the way they look..amazing isn't it....
i place them in quite a few corners of my home.
Just an addition of a floating candle will do the garnish complete.....

Wednesday, October 17

How I deduced the Name : Mudra – A Sanskrit word meaning – Gesture
I am true bharatnatyam fan and love the "Mudras" - gestures or picture tools of identification of deeper meaning made by the dancers.
This word has inspired me to such an extent that I choose this to Be the Title of my blog….

I thus used Mudram a Mediam or Gesture to explore and exhibit all that is so beautiful
to eyes and mind....
This Dancing Apsaras are made of Sandstone and I got it shipped from Thailand.
They look absolutely stunning in just the candle lights above.
Thailand is an amazing place to shop from clothes to handbags and from food to

Sunday, October 14

"Vismaya" - Our Home

Its true that Home is where your heart lives,
Our home is simple and Straight-forward.
We've named it "Vismaya" - which means "Suprise"
in Sanskrit. Neutral hues,gracious blend of lighting and
Straight cut Carpentry sum up a picture of spacious serenity.
We blended it with Indian and Oriental styles of art to give it
that niche finish.

Take a tour of my Home at Flickr

Thursday, October 11

today i finally decided that I would soon showcase my home....i love this work...its been my
dream...and now i found a space to exhibit it all ...all that i have collected till now..and all that been in my mind for so long....from my terracotta articles to the huge Wall plaques from Thailand...soon will be back with real interesting inspects on my Home....

Wednesday, October 10

I will be coming back with more ideas ...untill then...enjoy the beginning
This Serene Sandstone Sitting Buddha is a beautiful piece of art.
I picked this up from one of the Handicraft shops in Thailand.
I Just adore the aroma & warmth of the light emitted from the

scented candles....

This 3 head Ganesha Statue is one of my favorites as it’s made of stone
I picked this from HAMPI – A Heritage site which Exhibits of Brilliance
In Architecture of the Vijayanagar Dynasty, India.

Tuesday, October 9

This is a 3 piece Panal wall plaque which is quite famous Thai Art. This is my favorite piece from my shopping cart for my new Home. We did 3 months of rigorous search to find this piece which we thought will make our hall look elegant. Everyone visited our home liked this idea :)