Wednesday, July 9

Corners used at Home !!!

Well, just thought must share this with all. Use up all those corners to decorate a bit of your kind. This is what I got to do.

Tuesday, July 8

Colleage - all beautiful things around

It just struck my mind that if we could combine beautiful things the beauty is anyways magnified. So here is what i got to do over the weekend...simple...Colleage
I simply combined these small statues to just give a different setting this time. There is a lot that we can try out in arranging and then rearranging even the smallest of the decor items we have at home and it just gets better...I must say Another setting : brought together my Sandstone Apsara,Thai Porcelain Containers and Tanjore painting on Marble piece - place it just anywhere surely will make a difference.
Check out this one, I just brought all this lovely boxes and containers together - they look good when displayed together.
I just picked up the ferns growing around my place, filled water in a bowl and let it float drizzled it with flowers. I placed them at my entrance, sure to give a smile on all those who pass by my corridor.
I used my "Uruli" this time - to bear a few ferns and flowers just picked around my place.

Im back...

I know it was a long break with no posts just got caught between the job switch swing.
Well all set now and have a lovely post coming up.....