Friday, September 16

I'm Back - What brings me back?....

I was very busy for a real long time...but I realized that would never I finally put my desire upfront...for all of you see some happiness here I come with I see and cherish..

Wednesday, July 9

Corners used at Home !!!

Well, just thought must share this with all. Use up all those corners to decorate a bit of your kind. This is what I got to do.

Tuesday, July 8

Colleage - all beautiful things around

It just struck my mind that if we could combine beautiful things the beauty is anyways magnified. So here is what i got to do over the weekend...simple...Colleage
I simply combined these small statues to just give a different setting this time. There is a lot that we can try out in arranging and then rearranging even the smallest of the decor items we have at home and it just gets better...I must say Another setting : brought together my Sandstone Apsara,Thai Porcelain Containers and Tanjore painting on Marble piece - place it just anywhere surely will make a difference.
Check out this one, I just brought all this lovely boxes and containers together - they look good when displayed together.
I just picked up the ferns growing around my place, filled water in a bowl and let it float drizzled it with flowers. I placed them at my entrance, sure to give a smile on all those who pass by my corridor.
I used my "Uruli" this time - to bear a few ferns and flowers just picked around my place.

Im back...

I know it was a long break with no posts just got caught between the job switch swing.
Well all set now and have a lovely post coming up.....

Friday, March 14

She tagged me…

It was Arch who really inspired me on creating a Blog of my own. Sorry Arch, I know I’m really late but here’s what I have 7 things about myself. They are the simplest ones but play a major role in keeping me on.......

Me – Home - Decor
My home is truly a reflection of whom I am. I just wait for the weekend afternoons when I really find time arranging n rearranging my art n furniture.
I love to mix the Ethnic Indian and oriental styles of art, anything that would add
To the beauty of the place we live. This gives me the ultimate satisfaction for how I
Feel for myself.

Kitchen – Cooking
This is also one of my cherished activates. I love to cook food for myself, well for my family too. It’s definitely a stress reliever. Cooking helps me relieve stress and eating the food I cooked feeds the soul within.

Candles – Floating Flowers.
Another thing that keeps me going is the warm light from candles. I have placed candles just everywhere at home. It emits that beautiful warm, cosy light that can keep you so relaxed. Well, a dash of floating flowers will all set the mood right.

Ethnic Indian:
Ethnics, I could do nothing without them. I’m short of words to describe how it feels to say what I feel for all the earthy Ethnic Indian things. From Clothes, accessories to artifacts, they play a major part of me. I adore all the Kalamkari, Mangalgiri, Gadwal, pochampalli fabrics & more. They drive me Crazy.

I love to eat. Food, Eat what you like is the ongoing Mantra. From the simplest, humble daily meal to Indian Snack Chats, Banquets I just quote “Eat and Eat” – It’s the ultimate satisfaction the best gift to pamper oneself.

Coffee Shops:
The routine for this Couple (Me & my better half). The local Coffee shop is
The most commonly visited place, just for a cup of Tea and ample Chit Chat time.

Recent Photographer:
Just recently I realized that photography was an unseen passion within me. Well, I had finally decided that I would nurture this ongoing learning Process.

Wednesday, March 5

Ganesha & Frangipani

Another angle to see. Our Ganesha at the entrance of our Home.

Sunday, March 2

Krishna n Ganesha

They are some of my most admired Gods. Well they play a major role in home decor as they hold the charisma and add an element to the air.