Sunday, December 2

Simple Rustic Earthern

I have an acute admiration for all earthy wares. Here’s just a few of them I recently picked from a lovely sale. I found these Ceramic bowls with Batik work and Rattan Woven, which I had to add to my collection of kitchen ware and of course share it with all of you.
Also to add A set of well carved plates that can be used just for anything.

The Spiral Wooden Containers are a Highlight as they are solid and well finished.
They can be used as a storage container from lentils to just Tea or Coffee Dust and ofcourse a simple décor piece. Along the side is a simple picture of Garlic from my IKEA collection.

The Incense Placemats have a special herb that is woven along with the placemat and
It instantly refreshes the air around which its placed. The aroma from the herb is very Refreshing I must say…

Spices I used for Biryani today make a gracious appearance in my new ceremic plate and
incense placemat